Connecting high schoolers with their communities, and with their peers around the globe to develop their capacity as engaged citizens for a better world.

Impact Collaborative is an online educational community that engages participants in an action/reflection sequence to broaden and deepen awareness and understanding of issues across the nation and around the world, including:

  • online academic content in the form of videos and articles combined with
  • local participation in relevant community-based action, and
  • online meeting platforms with participants from multiple geographical locations for group discussions and reflection.

About the Founder and Director of Impact Collaborative:
Life has taken Carol Soules along a variety of paths, making for deep experience and broad perspective. For over two decades she worked with individuals, schools and community organizations as a counselor and organizer. She also home schooled her two children from elementary school until they entered college. For twelve years she has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she teaches Service-Learning courses and where, for four years, she has been the Associate Director of Civic Engagement & Service-Learning (CESL). At UMass Amherst she co-facilitates the CESL Faculty Fellowship program, working with faculty to develop courses that engage students with community organizations as part of the coursework. She also works with schools and community organizations to develop meaningful, reciprocal partnerships with the University and with student leaders who play an important role in connecting the campus and the community. Carol is passionate about connecting young adults with communities — locally, nationally and globally — to work collaboratively for a more just future.

 “Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself.”
– John Dewey, the father of modern experiential education

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