Real Food Challenge – a few more days to vote!

Real Food Challenge is the front runner in a national competition of college students pitching projects in order to win $50K for the work. These three collegiate activists – Stephanie, Sunny and Hannah (a former student of iCollab founder Carol Soules)  – are in the lead!   Their project idea is amazing and the impact could be huge.  “Real Food Challenge (RFC) has a focused mission: harness the power of youth and universities to build a healthy, just and sustainable food economy. Our ambitious goal is to shift $1 billion of university food dollars to sustainable farms and food businesses while inspiring a new generation to take action. Our $1 billion purchasing goal represents a critical investment in environmentally responsible agriculture. By opening the market for some 30,000 sustainable farms and food businesses, we can preserve vanishing topsoil, reduce agrochemical pollution, and actually sequester carbon in rich organic soils.”  Read more about their work here: Real Food Challenge

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