Network to Create Change

Make real change locally and globally. Learn more, receive support and contribute to the learning of others, as part of the iCollab online learning community. iCollab is a networking platform and program for youth who desire to make change in our communities and in the world. Participants in iCollab are deeply involved in in social change efforts, working to create a better world locally and globally. The iCollab sessions are offered as three, 12-week sessions each year, blending online learning with community-based learning, providing preparation, reflection and professional facilitation for impactful engagement and deep learning.

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The Community

The iCollab community consists of educators and participants. The educators are committed to student learning and personal transformation through experiential pedagogies, as well as to social change for a equitable and sustainable future. The program participants are enrolled in the iCollab online course, contribute in meaningful ways to their chosen community organizations and to the online learning community.

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Opportunities to Engage

Spread the Word to End the Word. Sign the pledge at

Participate in Earth Hour - engage at:

Connect with to hear about climate change and their actions

See Move On to learn more about poverty and to sign their petition to raise the minimum wage

Connect with Black Life Matters to learn about racism and opportunities for action

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Enroll in the iCollab Learning Community

The first online session of iCollab will launch in 2015. Join our mailing list to receive advanced notification and priority enrollment. (don't worry we will not spam you or share your contact info with anyone else). In the meantime, check out our blog posts below, and connect with us through facebook and twitter.

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Spread the Word to End the Word

Spread the Word to End the Word: Language → Attitudes → Actions

This coming Wednesday – as with the first Wednesday of each March – is R-Word Day. It’s a day to raise awareness about the hurtfulness that comes from the labeling and exclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities. The campaign shines a light on the needs, as well as the capacities, of three percent of the


Meritocracy in Education: Time for Change

Today’s New York Times supplement, Education Life* includes a brief interview with Lani Guinier, the first black, female, tenured professor in Harvard Law School’s history and author of five books including the newly released, The Tyranny of Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education (2015). In the interview there are some perspectives shared by Lani Guinier that are well

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Global Divestment Day, Feb 13-14, 2015

Global Divestment Day calls for people around the globe to come together and challenge the unchecked power of fossil fuel corporations that are major contributors to devastating climate change. Ending investments in these corporations is an effective tool to revoke their power. The fossil fuel industry possesses tremendous financial power and is the biggest obstacle

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Real Food Challenge – a few more days to vote!

Real Food Challenge is the front runner in a national competition of college students pitching projects in order to win $50K for the work. These three collegiate activists – Stephanie, Sunny and Hannah (a former student of iCollab founder Carol Soules)  – are in the lead!   Their project idea is amazing and the impact could be huge.  “Real

First Impact Collaborative Course to Launch

Impact Collaborative, an online program for young adults, will launch Session One in Spring 2015.  The program, founded and directed by Carol Soules, combines local community action with engaging online course material, blog-based discussion sessions and live video reflection groups that connect participants from various geographical locations. About the Founder and Director of Impact Collaborative: Life has taken Carol

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